Visit to Aspen 2018
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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
By Glare Studio
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Back in August, my husband and I ran down South to Aspen to pick up my daughter from a week of adventure camp.  What a great excuse to run around and try and capture some nature photos.  Aspen, Colorado is home to so many creatures and trails- there's a plethora of activities do (like most of Colorado :))  But what is unique to Aspen is its community's respect for its natural habitats.  Cars are forbidden from parking at the trail heads after 8am and before 7pm.  Instead- they instruct you to take a bus in order to limit the amount of traffic.  Same goes for Basalt!  All this came to a surprise when I snuck away to experience the ever famous Maroon Bells.  So instead I parked about a mile outside the trailhead and hiked with my camera.  I attempted to catch some wildlife by finding a little shrub to hide in for 45 min- and indeed found a marmot (cute lil guy!) but mostly I experienced cyclers and horse back riding.  So lesson to be had- although the traffic is limited, the people WILL COME.  In Maroon Bells I suggest planning to book it nice and early so as to avoid traffic, because you are not allowed to leave the trails either.

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