Stunning Portrait and Commercial Photography - CO

Accommodating to any environment, Glare photo sessions are taken just about anywhere; including the Glare studio located in Greenwood Village.

Getting married can be one of the most momentous events in your life. Be comforted that every important moment throughout that busy day is captured forever with creativity and passion! Your photographer spends the whole day at your side, so be sure to pick someone you mesh well with as well. Charli and her team are available to guide you when needed and quietly sneak shots when you're not looking. Our goal is to keep everyone comfortable so they can enjoy their day.


There is no image more dramatic and adoring than those capturing a newborn or infant.These pictures require patience and a delicate hand from an experienced artist. Having three children of her own, owner Charli is always inspired to create new artful, heirloom images.


Parties, fundraisers and events are covered with a personable and friendly attitude both photographically and personally.


Large family photographs are quick and light-hearted, inspiriting even that grumpy uncle with music, laughter and maybe even beer if necessary.


Charli is always excited to hear your thoughts! Creativity has no rules or bounds. If an image you have seen or thought up has motivated you towards calling for session, we are all ears! Art is art because of originality, trying something different and daring is always welcomed. Each client brings different personality with him or her. Our studio focuses on pictorially capturing everyone's uniqueness in a light of their own. Whether this means involving a specialist in hair or makeup or pulling together a staged studio or outdoorsy installation, we are pleased to bring the drama to life!

Absolutely NO surprises in our prices. We offer build-your-own bundles for our clients instead of grouping products together we think you'll like. And the more you bundle up the more the discount accumulates. Feeling a little shy? All clients are offered privacy options for their images. Glossy offers shared rights, exclusive rights and digital negatives for every shoot. For our more "old school" clients good old fashion film is available! Whether black and white or color, we are trained in everything from medium format to pinhole photography.

*specialty contract required

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