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Wednesday, January 10, 2018
By Glare Studio
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Glare Studio presents Senior Portraits: How Do You Remember Your High School Years?

Every teen out there wants to feel like a super star and at the same time totally "normal." It's the photo studio's job to not only capture cool images to use for the year book, but also create lasting moments of feeling awesome.  I remember the teen years being impossibly embarrassing but still exciting. (My poor poor parents.)  I also remember HATING my senior portraits because I didn't feel confident.  Here at Glare Studio we try our best to keep our teens upbeat and comfortable during their shoot.  Instead of just telling the kids what they think they want, we try uber hard to pull out their inner desires of how they want to be pictured.  Senior pictures aren't just a shot for the yearbook.  They're memories of that can be re-evaluated later as adults.  Mom, Dad- how do you feel about you senior pics? We want all our clients to feel like they had a session of "rock-star bliss" as kids, and not look back at these High School years as insecure brace-faces but rather with nostalgia of all their accomplishments. 

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