Spring Bummies
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Wednesday, June 05, 2019
By Glare Studio
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Spring Bummies

We're hug animal lovers here at Glare Studio and we are constantly surrounded by what would seem like a farm to some, but we love it! Animals are so loving and bring a lot of joy to a space so we wanted to share some animals we've had around recently! 


First are the bunnies that we've had for years. There are 3 of them, Smush Ball, Ash & Willow, and all are snuggly, sweet and curious animals. 

For the past month in a half, we've been fostering dogs - 5 to be exact! A mama and her new pups needed a home until they got adopted so we took them in and what an experience it was! Having new puppies around is a lot of extra work but oh so rewarding when they constantly bring smiles to everyone's faces! 

Glare Studio would love to photograph your pets in a studio or natural setting! Contact us if you're interested in booking.

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