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Friday, November 02, 2018
By Glare Studio
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Keep Exploring is a brand that has a really cool story about how it got started. Basically, two friends wanted something that would make them stop and appreciate more spots along a road trip they were taking from Los Angeles, CA to Texas. This ended up forming the idea of a flag they could pose with anywhere along the road, and the first Keep Exploring product was created! The red flag that read "Keep Exploring" became their way of documenting their trip and worked in the way they intended it to - they stopped more often because they wanted cool photos with the flag. In the end, it made them appreciate the trip as a whole and places they probably wouldn't have stopped or even noticed without it. 

Once they started sharing these photos, more and more people loved the idea and wanted a flag of their own! After that, the rest is history and the company has thrived off of all the people who want to get out and explore more. 

Today, the company makes flags, patches, stickers, t-shirts and other adventure accessories. In our latest adventure shoot, Rebecca wore Keep Exploring's signature shirt that on the back reads "take my picture while I stare at nature". 

This brand is based out of Texas, but adventure can happen anywhere at anytime! Check out Keep Exploring to get some adventure inspiration and accessories to take along on your next adventure!

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